What Emma J. Wells Heritage Consultancy can offer...

In England there are approximately 374,081 listed building entries, without including the numerous conservation areas, protected parks, landscapes and Scheduled Ancient Monuments.

It is becoming increasingly important to establish, develop and maintain the highest standards of practice to support the effective protection and enhancement of the historic environment. Historic buildings and places have their own intrinsic cultural, social, educational and spiritual value that must be recognised in the face of development to ensure that change is managed in a way that is complementary to our heritage. The services provided by Emma J. Wells Heritage Consultancy seek to do just this.

Researching the architectural/archaeological value of a site has numerous advantages:

  • Research of a site or property and its history to understand construction phases, materials used, use and development
  • To support planning applications, in advancement of renovations, restorations and/or upgrades, and in assisting with on-going maintenance work - providing an informed approach to repairs/alterations
  • To connect historic homeowners and buyers with estate and land agents specialising in historic properties, prior to putting it on the market 
  • Investigation for potential unsold ancestral or substantial properties
  • Development of property marketing materials

Commercial Services
Emma J. Wells Heritage Consultancy provides research-based appraisals, reports, advice and tools to satisfy planning permission and listed building consent for buildings conservation and property professionals, architects, developers and private home owners. Buildings have and can range from small, individual structures (e.g. houses, churches and industrial buildings) to the investigation of large sites and landscapes (e.g. country estates, gardens and conservation areas). 

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Academic Services

Services include research on the Buildings Archaeology of Britain and the associated dissemination of academic projects, including report preparation, copywriting and the delivery of lectures, tours and seminars.

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Training/Tutorial Services
Emma has extensive experience in tutoring, lecturing and providing training on many areas of special interest (particularly the historic environment) to a wide variety of audiences from GCSE to MA degree level. She also enjoys regularly contributing expert views at seminars, conferences and workshops. 

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Ecclesiastical Buildings

Emma has a large amount of experience in the research, conservation and re-use of places of worship, and in advising on the challenges facing the future of such buildings. Emma J. Wells Heritage Consultancy can offer strategic, local and particular advice on the many issues relating to historic buildings of worship.

Community Archaeology Projects

Local archaeology and history groups are becoming a fundamental aspect of the practice and promotion of archaeology and the study of our past. Emma J. Wells Heritage Consultancy can provide advice for and experience in working with, managing and aiding local groups in the obtainment of information, training, funding and planning issues.