Forthcoming work:

'Understanding Significance: The Importance of Knowing the History of a Listed Property', Listed Property (November/December, 2014).

Currently in early stages of a publication of pilgrimage routes.

A selection of recently published work:

'The Hidden Potential Behind A Front Door: The Importance Of Unlocking The History Of A Property', The Yorkshire Times (Mon 4th Nov, 2013).

‘“...he went round the holy places praying and offering”: Evidence for Cuthbertine Pilgrimage to Lindisfarne and Farne in the Late Medieval Period’, Newcastle and Northumberland: Roman and Medieval Architecture and Art, ed. J. Ashbee and J. M. Luxford (Maney 2013), 214-31.

‘Synaesthesia in Medieval Pilgrimage: The Case of St Neot’s shrine, Cornwall’, Church Archaeology, 14 (2012), 63–77. 

‘Making ‘Sense’ of the Pilgrimage Experience of the Medieval Church’, Peregrinations Journal, III (2) (2011), 122–46. 

‘Fit for a King’s... Glazier: John Prudde’s work in The Beauchamp Chapel’, Vidimus, 43 (September 2010). 

'The Holy Trinity, Ampleforth Abbey’, Vidimus, 42 (July/August 2010). 

‘The Art of Buildings: The St William window, York Minster’, Vidimus, 41 (June 2010). 

‘St Cuthbert and the otters at York Minster’, Vidimus, 39 (April 2010).

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