Have you ever wondered who lived in your house before you? 
Who built it, why and when? 
Would you like to reveal the lives of previous inhabitants? 

A House History can uncover all this, and more...


You may think this information only pertains to houses of a particular age or size, but houses from as little as a year to 500 years old and of the smallest disposition may be investigated! Even houses built in the modern age are located on land that possesses its own unique history of events. Every home has a story!


The process begins with a personal visit (or several) to your property in order to assess its structure and development, and to find out a little more about what you already know of its history. Following this, detailed and comprehensive documentary research is conducted - both locally and nationally - to compile a complete history of your property, which may include: what was on the site before; architectural changes over time; a social history of former owners and occupants; and its most recent history. Each home and accompanying history will be different depending on the size, location and age of the property and, essentially, what you as a client wants out of the research.

Throughout the research Dr Wells will keep you regularly updated with the findings and will ask for your input on how to proceed, if required.


The results of the research can then be presented in various ways. For a shorter publication and quick turnaround research, short documentary reports may be produced. These take the form of a short report-style document. 

The most popular option is a small-scale or coffee table-type book in which the research is presented as a professionally bound, hard-backed publication with integrated maps and photographs that could be a special present for someone or an aid to selling the property. There are many publication options for the latter, including:

- Hard or soft paperback

- Landscape, portrait orientation and/or size choice

- Colour of binding

- Embossing

- Logo/heraldry printing

- Layout/design of pages

Please see here for a list of colour swatches provided for the fabric for the hard-binding option.

All reports cover construction and an assessment of likely date, brief history of the
area and previous inhabitants, and are illustrated with documents such as deeds, maps, plans, wills, census records, photographs or newspaper cuttings as available, although significantly less for the short documentary reports. The more substantial volumes include additional information on inhabitants and contextual history. They can be in as much or as little detail as required.


Prices are dependent upon the size, age and scope of the property, as well as the format of resulting publication and timeframe for completion required. Commercial properties can also be researched, as can historic estates and gardens  - please contact for a quote.

Emma J. Wells Heritage Consultancy also offers the opportunity to provide copies of any maps, plans or historic photographs uncovered, where available, that may then be professionally framed for display around the home. Please ask for further
details of this service.

Every aspect of the service is subject to negotiation and Emma J. Wells Heritage Consultancy is happy to tailor a bespoke experience to suit your requirements and budget.

If you are interested in attempting to dissever the history of your house on your own, please see my Powerpoint presentation with details on how to go about doing so.


The House Histories service can be produced for properties anywhere in northern England. If you would like the history of your home researched but live further afield, please do get in touch for an initial discussion. 

Please see here for a list of House History courses to be taught by Dr Wells this year.