"Very detailed heritage assessment – which is good and provides a sound basis for evaluating the proposals having regard to the building’s special interest", Conservation Officer, Cheshire East Council.

"An extremely interesting and detailed heritage statement - one of the best I have seen". Conservation Officer, Harrogate Borough Council. 

"Thank you for your Heritage Assessment which is very thorough". Nic Dormer, Merrell O'Flaherty Dormer Architects.

"Thank you, that is a great piece of work". Mark Kennet, Wilson Kennett Partnership.

"I think this is a fantastic piece of work. Thank you for all the time and effort you have obviously devoted to this project". Charlotte Vardy (Client of Wilson Kennett Partnership), Listed Building Consent advice and Heritage Statement.


"Emma was an excellent Tutor. I needed help with my undergrad dissertation and she offered to proofread it at several different stages while I was writing it. All for a single and very fair price. Emma was also fast at getting my work back to me, sometimes within less than a few hours. Her proofreading helped me keep my work focused and identify what I`d done well and what I hadn't, as well as pointing out silly errors that taken together would have caused me to lose marks. Could not ask for more and would definitely recommend." James Mitchell, BA dissertation tutoring and proofreading for International History and Politics at the University of Leeds. James's dissertation was awarded 1st class honours following my tutoring.

"I GOT MY C!!!! And my uni place!! Thanks for all your help!!" Sophie King, A Level History student.


'The influence of the past is also apparent in what is the most interesting paper of all, Emma Wells’s discussion of pilgrimage to sites associated with St Cuthbert on Farne and Lindisfarne. Wells presents the results of notably original research on the documentary, architectural, and archaeological evidence for the deliberate development of pilgrimage to these sites from the twelfth century onwards, and especially in the fourteenth century. The buildings of Cuthbert’s time were, she shows, rebuilt and refurbished to provide foci of pilgrimage in later centuries'. Professor David Rollason - Review of article in Newcastle and Northumberland: Roman and Medieval Architecture and Art in RAI Journal, vol. 171, 2014.


"Thank you so very much for your Talk tonight to the Boroughbridge Group of 5 W.I.s. You have a lot of knowledge and information to impart on how to research your house. The members were very interested & one can imagine that some of them will be enthused to carry out research into their property." Boroughbridge Group of 5 W.I.s.